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Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies

Help to reduce out-of-pocket costs that Medicare does not pay.

Choosing a Medicare Supplement Plan

In Florida, we offer Medicare Supplement policies for 8 of the 11 standardized plans A, B, C, D, F/HDF, G, and N. All Medicare Standardized plans include the following Basic Benefits:

Hospitalization: Part A coinsurance plus coverage for 365 additional days after Medicare benefits end.

Medical Expenses: Part B coinsurance (generally 20% of Medicare approved expenses) or copayments for hospital outpatient services. Plan N requires insured to pay a portion of the Part B coinsurance or copayment.

Blood: First 3 pints of blood each year.

Hospice: Part A coinsurance for eligible hospice/respite care expenses.

See outline of coverage for details and exceptions.


About Us


Eric Langholtz is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Eric was raised in Coney Island, home of the world famous Nathans and the Cyclone. He has built trusted relationships in Florida since 1990.

Langholtz Insurance Group offers personal & business insurance solutions that will help protect you, your family, and your business when it matters most.

Eric is an independent agent and never tied to any single carrier. He works for you, not the insurance companies. Call Langholtz Insurance Group because Life Happens.






Life Insurance
Life insurance should be a part of your overall financial picture. Many people ask how much do I need and what policy is right for me.  We can help. The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide money to your dependents after you die. The life insurance policy can cover funeral cost, pay the mortgage, college education, everyday expenses, and provide for those future dreams for your loved ones.

An Open Letter from Your Life Insurance Policy.

It is your job to provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine, and other things for your loved ones. You do this while I lie in your safe deposit box.

I have faith and trust in you. Out of your earnings will come the cost of my upkeep. At times, I may appear insignificant to you – but someday (and who knows when) you and I will change places.

When you are laid to rest, I will come alive and do your job. I may provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling, medicine, and other things your family will continue to need – just as you are doing now. When your work and labor are done, mine will begin. Through me, your hands can carry on.

Whenever you feel the price you’re paying for my upkeep is burdensome, remember that I can do more for you and your family than you will ever do for me.

If you do your part, I will do mine.

Sincerely yours,

Your Life Insurance Policy




Disability Insurance

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset?

Your ability to work and earn a living is your most valuable asset. Most of your income is earned income. When you stop working, your income stops. When protecting your most valuable asset, you should ask yourself, "How long could I live on my savings if my income stopped this very second?" What constitutes a disability? Generally, when you become too sick or hurt to work, you are disabled. Many disabilities are short-lived—a pulled muscle, a sprained ankle or a bout with the flu. These types of disabilities typically don’t interfere with your ability to continue working and providing for your family.

But what if you suffered a heart attack? Or had a serious car accident and had to spend an extended period of time in a hospital (or worse yet, never fully recovered)? What if you became gravely ill?

The financial implications of a disability can be disastrous. For instance, how would you make your house and car payments if you couldn’t work? It's shocking that many people in the richest nation in the world are within six weeks of personal bankruptcy.

Your chances of becoming disabled are high. Statistics show the longer a disability, the less likely the person will return to work.

Even if your employer offers a group disability plan to you, the coverage provided is often not enough. After taxes, most group plans only cover approximately 45% of your income! A separate, individual disability income insurance can help you fill the gap and help you pay your expenses during a disability.


Long Term Care


Long Term Care

Long Term Care is one of the most pressing issues and likely the greatest retirement expense facing Americans today– it will only get more urgent as the nation ages. While people are living longer, many have little idea about the added pressures on their “long life care”– fiscally and emotionally. Those who had planned to tap their hard-earned nest egg to cover the future long term cost of care may face a shock.

It is never too soon and almost always better to have talked and made plans in advance. Talk with your parents and family. Having the right plan in place now can help make sure your loved one has the financial resources to cover the exorbitant costs while receiving the right quality of care. It will help them maintain their dignity and provide the flexibility to participate in making choices that impact their care.

It’s important to consider care options while a person is healthy. That’s when the best rates and options are available and families are in much better emotional shape to discuss long term care-related planning. The simple truth is that during a crisis, situations can quickly escalate and cause tension or introduce issues that could have otherwise been avoided.



Alzheimer's Association


In 2015, the direct costs of caring for those with Alzheimer's and other dementias to Americans will total an estimated $214 billion, including $150 billion in costs to Medicare and Medicaid. Over 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, including an estimated 200,000 under the age of 65. Every 67 seconds an American develops Alzheimer's.  As past Co-Chair with my wife Laurie, together we understand the importance.to ending this disease. Join us and get involved. The 2015 Broward Walk To End Alzheimer's is Saturday, October 24th at Hollywood North Beach Park. Please join our team by clicking the link. Thanks for making a difference!!  http://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk2014/FL-SoutheastFlorida?team_id=207530&pg=team&fr_id=5830



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